Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final race tips, brunch, and beyond...

I went to the track tonight to see the ice and snow first hand. Talk is of a final trot together on Thursday at 10:00 meeting at the Starbucks on Madison near the lake.

SUNDAY's RACE: Let me preface this by saying how proud Rachel and I are of your hard work. I remember seeing many of you at the "meet the coach" session, and thinking, "I don't know if they'll be ready in time." But I've been amazed by the progress. You guys are strong, have great endurance, and have run some really hard training runs. I hope you can enjoy each mile of the race, and thank your body for its ability to run and be so strong. And when you start to have a melt down, think of where you were three months ago, and celebrate the accomplishment.

RACE TIPS: below are some practical (hopefully) tips pre/during/race

1. sleep: this is important to focus on NOW and in the next few days. That way, if you don't sleep well the night before the race, it won't be such a big deal.

2.Clothes: you can pack a bag to check. Even if someone is coming to pick you up, it's a good idea to have your phone checked and some warm clothes to change into. Don't give this to your friend. If for some reason you do not find each other right away, you need to get out of the sweaty clothes and into some dry ones. Bringing baby wipes might be a good idea. There is a place to check your bag prior to the race and a place to change post race.

3. Night before: Eat something you know will agree with you the next day. Get all your clothes ready, and pin your bib number on to the shirt you will end up in (you might have a jacket over it early on).

4. Race day: breakfast-you'll be up early. Eat something you know works. For me, that's a bagel with peanut butter and honey and a banana eaten about an hour to 90 mins before. You should know what works for you from our long runs.

-during race nutrition: bring a gel or whatever you've been using in the long runs. Better to have too many than to get low on blood sugar.

-Pre-race bathroom: Go to Center House where there is an indoor area AND toilets in the back. An amazing amount of people do NOT know about this and wait at the port-o-potties. Crazy. Go for the heated building after you've checked your change of clothes bag.

5. Taking off layers: A friend on the course can take that jacket that is now wrapped around your waist. I will be at the top of the Madison hill for as long as I can, so feel free to hand off to me. You can get it at the brunch or whenever.

6. The start. Are you in it for fun? Then don't sweat the fact that you may not cross the starting line until 5 minutes after the gun goes off. Your chip will get your time. Be careful of going out too fast because that first mile is downhill, but the last few sure aren't. If you are shooting for a time below 2 hours, don't be afraid to muscle your way closer to the front. You don't want to have to pass tons of people in the first couple of miles. That's a poor way to lose minutes from your time.

7. You're feeling crappy: Well, it is a half marathon. You may have an amazing race, or you may feel great for some miles and terrible for others. Remember that you have the fitness to get through the hard parts.

8. "I didn't get the time I wanted". But...you did just train for a half marathon, and you did just run a half marathon, and you are really fit, and you were just on an insanely hard course. Keep some perspective. This is not the course where personal bests happen. However, this is a great course to run AND THEN run another half on a less insane course.

9. PHOTO FINISH: my dears...they WILL have your exact to the second time online later that day. Finish with some style. Have you any idea how many photos I have of myself looking at my watch, stopping the watch, fussing? Terrible. Put your arms in the air and be the victorious strong person you are. Then mess with your watch.

10. You finished. Drink water. Get some chocolate milk. Change your clothes and then wander around for free samples.

11. BRUNCH: with friends or with us up the hill. Enjoy! Even if you go out for brunch, give a call and stop by if we're still going: 931 0064
brunch is at: 814 19th ave just south of Marion (about 6 blocks west and 2 blocks north of the track). I'm guessing we'll start about 10:30-11? Come when you can.

12. What's next? Well, we do have that very cute flier you saw for the Winter Conditioning. You guys who did the half training get $5 off .

13. And then...give yourself a bit of an off season. This doesn't mean you stop exercising. Run modestly, ski, box, take an aerial class. Leave the watch at home. Have fun without having to think about how far / how fast. In January, we'll start up with a program to sustain the running through the Jan-March months.

13.1: ROCK and ROLL half training... hmmmm

Thursday, November 18, 2010


SATURDAY'S RUN: http://www.bikely.com/maps/bike-path/473536
The elevation is 293 meters and the descent is 290 meters. Pretty good huh?

CUPCAKE ROYAL / Verite Coffee: 1101 34th ave in MADRONA

The route takes us through Beacon Hill, Mt. Baker, and Leschi. Stick around for a cupcake or coffee after the run.

Dress warmly!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Long Run for Saturday Nov 13 - Alki-Lincoln Park Loop

Hey Runners,

Here's the link to our long run.


We will meet at the Alki Bakery at 9:30am. It's on Alki Ave at 61st SW. The run will take us along Beach Drive and into Lincoln Park, along the beach, then up along the bluff and back via the ridge. Great views, cool neighborhoods, and a bakery at the end!

See you there.

Rachel D 206-799-3460

Monday, October 25, 2010



Above is the link to the run. It looks like it's only 6.1 because it doesn't include the extra mile back in the park. This may be a 7-8 mile run, but the level of difficulty is a bit higher. It's a pretty run with hills galore. A bit of yuck running on 85th-sorry for that.

Meet @ the entry way that is near (across the street) from the QFC on 100th. There is a small parking lot there. If you have trouble finding it, call: 931 0064

please let me or Rachel D know if you're coming!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 9th RUN @ FUEL 19th / Mercer

Meet at 9:30

610 19th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112

Will it be hilly? Very likely.
Will it be rainy? Very likely.
Will I get a coffee and cookie after the run? You'd be foolish not to.

Distance: 9 miles

AND...on that note, check out the post about caffeine in the Nutrition section.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hooray! The weather forecast looks great for SATURDAY's RUN!!! PLEASE RSVP TO:
to let us know if you're coming. 9:30 is 9:30 folks. Please be on time / give yourself extra time for finding parking.

Place: in front of Essential bakery on the corner of MLK and Madison (same as last week, but the course is different)

COURSE: why, hills of course. Want to check it out?
I'll give you cheat sheets to run with, so you can go at your own pace

Theme: Hills Hills and more hills. You'll thank us later. um...

Distance: 7 miles

Time: 9:30

Post run: It's Johanna's birthday! Let's have a coffee and somethin'somethin' and toast her!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Long Run for Saturday Sept 25, 9:30am

Hey Runners,

We will meet outside of the Essential Bakery at the corner of Madison and MLK Jr Way. Our 6-mile run will take us through the Arboretum down into Madison Park and up a few solid hills on our way back to the Bakery- that lovely endpoint where croissants, bearclaws, brioche etc can be had. But only if you give it all on the hills!

Here's a link to the route on Gmap Pedometer if you want to check it out.

For anyone who can't join us, use this as the rough template for your own run:
Take 1-1.5 miles fairly flat to warm up.
For miles 2-3 aim to include some rolling hills.
For miles 4-5.5 aim to include 2 longer hills.
End with a half mile level or down hill, preferably ending at a bakery.

Remember your hill technique - shorter stride, lean into the hill, use your arms.
Downhill technique - try not to lean back, Keep your form- don't get floppy.

See y'all on Saturday. Drop me a note to let me know if you'll be there.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Run Training Begins!! Sept 7th @ 6:30pm

Hello Runners!

Our training program begins in earnest this Tuesday, September 7th. We'll meet at 6:30pm at Garfield High School track for an hour of good stuff to awaken your speed. We meet rain or shine--just come dressed for the weather. The Garfield track is on 25th and Jefferson a block south of Cherry. The entrance is on the school side--they keep the street side gate locked.

Contact us with questions if you need to.

Rachel S - zsook@yahoo.com
Rachel D - rcdebusk@mac.com

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rachel's My Coach Half Marathon Training Begins Aug 27!

Welcome to our 10k / half-marathon training program. We're dedicated to getting you fit and fast for the Seattle Half Marathon on November 21.

Thanks for signing up. Here's What You Get:

20 sessions total:
12 weeknight sessions at Garfield Track
8 Saturday morning longer group runs

Bonus Items! - Team t-shirt, discounts on: yoga, massage, Lucy wear

Dates: August 27 (first meeting after that on Tuesday 9/7 - November (See our Schedule page for details)

Price: $250.00, tax included for full program. $15 single session drop in fee.

Prerequisites: Ability to run 3 continuous miles at any pace. (Yo!, that's waived if you plan to walk/run the race.)