What Our Participants Say

I struggled with the run portion of triathlons, and decided it was time to focus on my running even if I didn't like it very much. A friend told me about the Rachels, and I showed up at the track never having run with anyone else before, much less done a structured track workout! Their training plan for the 1/2 marathon was a moderate build up to the distance, and each Saturday long run was the longest run I'd ever done. And I found I could run faster than I thought I could - I'd just never pushed myself until I had the Rachel's encouragement. Training alone I never would have run as far or as well as I did under Rachelx2's coaching and with the cheering and support of all my new running buddies. 
-Suzanne P.

In March, I couldn’t run 2 miles.  In November, I completed the Seattle marathon.  Rachel x 2 got me there.
--Jayson B.

As a wife, mother of three active boys ages 6 and under, and a physician, I can tell you that I lead a very busy and chaotic life.  I never placed a priority on my own health.  What free time I had, was focused on my family.  But after a serious health scare during my last pregnancy I decided that for the sake of my family I needed to make some changes.  I joined the Rachel x Two running group.  I hadn't run since high school PE.  Total novice.  But the Rachels have, and are continuing to, spark a fire under my butt and make me into a runner.  I can't speak highly enough about what a wonderful experience it is to train with them.  Their advice and encouragement, both on and off the track, is invaluable. They are warm, funny, and caring, but they can also be ruthless at getting you to reach your potential.  They challenge me, push me, but never to the point of injury. Join this group.  You will not regret it.

--Lisa M.

I ran my first half marathon in December 2009 and fell in love with the excitement and motivation that you get from a race. I continued to run half marathons and felt pretty confident about my race times, but that all changed when we moved from Dallas to Seattle. That is when I actually had to run a HILL! I went from being a confident and motivated runner to someone who was actually scared to put on my running shoes. At that point I knew I had to find a running group that could help me tackle my fears. Someone told me about Rachel x Two and I couldn't be happier with the coaching and support that both Rachels have given me. I no longer look at hills with fear but realize I have the strength to get up them and the pain eventually goes away :) Thank you Rachels for helping me love running again!

--Tabitha B.

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