About The Rachels

We are two USA Triathlon Level 1 certified coaches and personal trainers both named Rachel. We are CPR/1st Aid savvy and experienced group exercise instructors. More importantly, we value a good time. We want our participants to have fun AND push themselves. 

Rachel S (Scheiner)Bio  
I have been running off and on since I was 15. I am a strong believer in cross training rather than piling on tons of miles and run workouts. I love running, and feel it should help your body rather than injure it.
I've run the Seattle marathon and 3 other marathons at the end of Ironmans. Last November, I ran the NYC marathon and recommend it to anyone who gets bitten by the marathon bug. It outshines them all.

I think group running is a great motivator, and it is so nice to have a support crew out there. Good luck on your journey to becoming a running addict.

You can contact me at: info@rachelsmycoach.com or 206 931 0064

Rachel D (DeBusk) Bio
I'm relatively new to running, having done my first 5k race less than five years ago. Since then I've taken ~5:00 off my average mile pace. I have raced in 5k, 10k and half marathon runs and triathlons including podium finishes overall and in my age group. 

I remember how it feels to be a beginning runner--the initial frustration and then the elation of sustaining longer distances and picking up speed. I love watching people get there.

I believe that running is a great way to tune into your body, a running group is a great way to push yourself while having fun, and a race is great way to amaze yourself with a new accomplishment.  

You can contact me at rcdebusk@mac.com or 206-799-3460.